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Stevie is an indigenous, somewhat hairy, life form that favours a warm, dry habitat with plenty of shelves and a good, sturdy reading lamp. She has been creating YouTube videos about books for 7 years and retains a perfectly peeved look of disdain for when people demand that she puts the camera down and does her actual job …which is still talking about books but involves pulling marginally less silly faces. She studied at a highly be-spired university where she wrote her dissertation on the definition of Young Adult literature and confused a whole flock of dons with it to no end. When she emerges from the depths of her duvet she enjoys wrestling with the strands of her first novel and feeds mainly on a diet of Jasper Fforde, Tamora Pierce and Brandon Sanderson. She lives in perpetual fear that one day the To-Be-Read pile will bury her in an avalanche of crushing cliches and is still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts.

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